José Manuel Orgaz´s clinic and his team is founded with the objective of satisfying the needs of today´s society, a society that requires specialized, high quality services, with guarantees and the possibility for financing.

Our center provides the most advanced technologies, providing solutions for all treatments related to your dental health and look.

In our center you will find the solution to any dental problem. We have a professional qualified by specialty in each area, ensuring the best possible diagnosis and better treatment outcome.


Endodoncy, known as root canal treatment, is the dental specialty that deals with the elimination of tooth pulp (nerve) and disinfecting of the roots. It is necessary when the nerve becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected by tooth decay, pyorrhea, or any other external factor (trauma, reabsorption…). The best treatment in order to avoid the painful process implied by nerve affectation involves a correct and precise diagnosis.

The endodoncy is normally done in a single visit, it is not uncomfortable, and the postoperative recuperation is quick.
GlobalDent provides the most advanced techniques in this field, including magnification and heat root sealing techniques.


*Internal whitening
*Microscopic Endodoncy


Dental implants allow the substitution of a single tooth or multiple teeth of the set of teeth, recovering the full dental structure as well as its functionality and a natural look.

Today implants are the fastest growing specialty in dentistry. Is for that reason that we have developed an economical approach appropriate to individual needs, without precluding the most advanced technology.


-Immediate implants

-New teeth in one day

-Computer-guided surgery

-Deferred payment and direct payment

Dental cosmetic:

Our mouth is our business card – when we smile we communicate and for this reason it is important to smile comfortably and without complexes. White, shiny and straight teeth will give us the confidence to smile warmly and sincerely.

Esthetic problems can originate from the following concepts: lack of teeth, teeth in the wrong position, dark colored teeth, misshapen teeth, unusual sized teeth, dark spaces between teeth, teeth that show roots due to receding gums, teeth with cavities or poorly finished restoration work.


*Dental whitening.
*Closing of spaces between teeth.
*Composite or Porcelain Tooth facings / Caps.
*Non-surgical Facial Esthetics.


Trauma types are very diverse depending on the magnitude and force of impact, its direction, and the shape and strength of the teeth. The consequences, depending on the points mentioned previously, can vary from a small fracture to the complete loss of the tooth.

The professional is responsible for evaluating whether there is a lesion in the root of the tooth or of the supporting bone and is responsible for determining the prognosis for this piece. The follow up will be long-term because some consequences of the damage may appear at a later date.

Digital Radiology:

GlobalDent Balear counts a very modern xray equipament that allows our professionals to take high quality and radiographs in just few seconds.

One of the most remarkalde adventajes for the patient is the reduction of radiation (This is 10 times lower than convencional xray systems.


It is a commun mistake to think that bleeding gums is normal. This statement is totally false. Bleeding gums, like bad breath (halitosis) and/or a strange taste in one's mouth, can be a sign of one of the most common oral illnesses, periodontitis (pyorrhea). The bleeding of gums means nothing more than a bacterial alteration of the same (gingivitis).

For that reason, in our center we develop a strict program of treatment and follow up of periodontal illnesses, because we believe that the mouth is the principal entryway for bacteria to our organism.

Our many years of experience back up a very positive prognosis for this sort of illness, and a healthy dose of motivation from our staff makes our patients stick to their treatments.

Radiographs are a true important part of the diagnisis preocedure, as there are issues not visible in a direct oral inspection,as decays between teeth or bone deffects. For this reason, xrays are cruzial for a full and proper oral health.

Oral surgery:

Oral surgery is the oldest specialty of dentistry. It is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, traumas, and defects in the individual teeth, jawbones and adjacent soft tissues, which require surgical intervention. The oral surgeon must have in-depth knowledge of the core science areas relating to his profession such as anatomy, histology, and physiology, as well as of the principal disease centers and associations. Apart from his/her ability, surgical training and, obviously, great manual dexterity, it is indispensible that the professional be mature in thought and possessing of a great respect for living tissue.

Common Interventions:

*Third Molar Extraction (Wisdom Teeth).
*Preprosthetic and preorthodontic surgery.
*Complex dental extractions.
*Frenum surgery, Stabilization of canines.


Oral prevention is the basis of health. With this as our center's policy, we have created a free prevention program with which you no longer need to worry about your oral health. GlobalDent will do it for you.
Tooth decay, periodontitis, and other high-frequency pathologies in our society will be kept under complete control with adequate prevention. As soon as your teeth appear, prevention and care should begin.
Interceptive treatments are based on utilizing the child's growth so that his/her body helps us to repair, naturally, existing or future alterations.


*Prevention of periodontal illnesses and professional medical advice.
*Implant maintenance.
*Infantile maintenance (sealants, fluoride treatments…)
*Cosmetic maintenance (filling shining, color adjustment…)


Orthodontics is the specialty dedicated to placing and migrating teeth to their correct position. Today orthodontics is feasible at any age. The results of orthodontics are excellent and stable in the long term if a correct stabilization is done. To this end the collaboration of the patient is necessary, due to the fact that the treatment may last months and may require a considerable number of visits. Besides which, it is essential that both the teeth and the gums be healthy during the entire process.
In our centers we offer all the orthodontics techniques in existence today and recommend a detailed 3D study and consultation in order to choose the most appropriate technique for you.


*Standard Orthodontics.
*INCOGNITO Lingual Orthodontics.
*Esthetic Orthodontics


El blanqueamiento dental es un tratamiento dental estético, seguro y sencillo con el que logramos reducir la tonalidad del esmalte de nuestros dientes, así llegamos a conseguir unos dientes más blancos y brillantes.

Con el blanqueamiento dental obtenemos unos resultados inmejorables, mejorando la estética de nuestra sonrisa.

* Blanqueamiento en clínica con luz fría

* Blanqueamiento domiciliario

* Blanqueamiento combinado

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